Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twenty-Second DATC Junto

Meeting Logistics: Tue, Apr 1, 11-12:30 pm in Stadium 367

This month I'm diverting a bit from the original Web 2.0 topic to a more broad one. While perusing articles I became more and more interested in the future of education, creativity, and the role of technology. These subjects have been brewing in my head since the ATMI (Association for Technology in Music Instruction) conference I attended last November. I was so impressed by a young professor name Gil Weinberg who has taken Music Technology to an unimaginable interactive level. Last week, Ric Porecca's presentation on Flagship 2030 got my brain going again.

I would like to discuss the future of education, the current presence or lack of creativity, and how technology will affect where we are going. This month's materials consist of both readings and video. They are all fairly brief, I know it looks daunting but I think you will enjoy them!


Ken Robinson's "Do Schools Kill Creativity?"
Gil Weinberg's Discovery Channel special on "Haile"
Gil Weinberg's presentation on using "Beatbugs"


"Out of Our Minds: Creativity in Business"
by Ken Robinson (2008)
"The Future of Education and Work in the Creative Age"
by John M. Eger (2004)
"The Dream Society"
by Rolf Jenson (1999) - This book is available as an eBook through the CU Library. This link will take you to the listing. Once you have accessed the book through NetLibrary, please read the following excerpts from Chapter One: "The Most Important Raw Material of the Twenty First Century" and "The Alternative" (pp. 40-50)

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