Thursday, February 28, 2008

Twenty-First DATC Junto

Meeting Logistics: Tue, Mar 4, 11-12:30 pm in Stadium 367

The topic for our next three Juntos is using Web 2.0 as a teaching medium.  The three articles for this month focus primarily on the idea of using Facebook, an extremely popular social networking site, as an online presence for educators.  Facebook has over 60 million uses and claims 250,000 new users every day.  Compare this to Myspace's 102 million users with 240,000 joiners per day, and Second Life's 20 million users.

If you do not already have a Facebook account, I would encourage you to start one for these Juntos.  I will be happy to include a quick tutorial at our Junto if that interests anyone.  Some groups in Facebook that I belong to include: Second Life for Educators, e-Learning Professionals, and Educators Using Facebook.

"Is Education 1.0 Ready for Web 2.0 Students?" by John Thompson

"I'll See You On "Facebook: The Effects of Computer-Mediated Teacher Self-Disclosure on Student Motivation, Affective Learning, and Classroom Climate" by Joseph P. Mazer; Richard E. Murphy; Cheri J. Simonds

"Social Networking Technologies: A 'Poke' for Campus Services" by Joanne Berg, Lori Berquam, and Kathy Christoph

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