Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Twelfth DATC Junto

Meeting Logistics: Tue, 3 April 2007 at UMC 404

For this junto, we’re going to take a look at emerging technologies that promise to change the landscape of higher education.

  • Alexander, B. (2006, March/April). Web 2.0: A new wave of innovation for teaching and learning? EDUCAUSE Review, Vol. 41, No. 2: 32-44. Available at: (Note: Please review the online version as listed here and not the pdf. It's a more recent version and includes additional content.)

Additional resource:

For background information on Web 2.0, click on the following link to O’Reilly Media, the entity that’s credited with coining the term.

  • O’Reilly, T. (2005). What is Web 2.0: Design patterns and business models for the next generation of software. Read article: What Is Web 2.0.
Questions for your consideration:
  1. Which of the technologies described are here or on the horizon at your college/school? Where do we fall along the adoption horizons? What other technologies come to mind that you see evolving in your college/school or at CU?
  2. Some feel (strongly, I might add) that students should not be deciding the educational technologies that are employed by a university. Yet, it appears that students are impacting the evolution of Web 2.0 and universities are responding. What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?
  3. The new wave of technologies opens up avenues for increased interaction and communication in higher education. How can we take advantage of this to promote collaboration and interdisciplinary efforts within and among colleges/schools?
  4. With increasing expectations for faculty to incorporate technologies into their teaching and research, should we get involved with helping to leverage incentives or rewards to encourage adoption of technology and innovative teaching?
  5. How do we as DATCS respond to these emergent technologies? What is our role? Do we want to be on the cutting edge? If so, what should we be doing to accomplish this?