Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tenth DATC Junto

Meeting Logistics: Tue, 6 February 2007 in UMC 404

Thanks to Kimberly and Laura, there will be a screening of Declining by Degrees, the film that will serve as the basis for our next Junto, from 11-1p this coming Monday, February 5 in Telecom 215.

The documentary examines the challenges today's university faces, even suggesting that more interactive teaching (in this case, clickers) might help retain students and thus revenue streams.

Since I want to leave some time for us to talk about how things are going for us in our own positions, especially in light of the CULearn launch, I will keep questions short and sweet:

  1. If the university (thus, ITS) had more money, how do you think it would best be spent?
  2. Is technology antithetical to more personal contact between faculty and students—something the documentary suggests as an improvment?

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Steve B said...

Thanks to everyone for participating today! Below is an outline of the discussion (feel free to amend or add your own comments or addenda):

1) If CU was suddenly endowed with lots of money, how would you spend it to make the university a better place:

-increase faculty salaries
-do more tech testing
-provide more incentives
-give faculty more experimentation time and resources

2) What is the goal of higher education?

-Liberal education (opening people to different viewpoints/lifestyles)
-Diploma (getting a better job) or meeting employers' expectations
-Moving to a higher class or at least into the middle class

3) Can technology come to the rescue?

-perhaps in the sense that it can help foster engagement (clickers, wikis, etc)
-perhaps not in the sense that it is truly the educator who employs the technology to foster student discussions/engagement

4) How can DATCs help?

-being aware of the bleeding edge technologies
-making tactful interventions in our one-on-one meetings
-promoting "success stories"