Friday, March 31, 2006

First Junto, Friday 4/7/06 @ 8am in UMC 335

So, without further ado, here are the theme, reading, and questions I've chosen for the world premier of the DATC Junto:

Reading: Confessions about Time and Stress
Professor Clayton Lewis (CU-B) offers an "insider" view of life as a faculty member. As the title indicates, the tone of the article is highly informal (confessional). The confessions are offered to new faculty as a nine-step guide to becoming an effective, well-rounded faculty member in higher education.
Does the reading make you re-think your approach to your job? Why?
Are there aspects of faculty culture that you'd like to explore further?

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Steve B said...

Great discussion today, everyone! Thanks for coming.

Afterwards, I managed to book another UMC conference room for us, so here are the details:

Meeting Time: 1st Tuesday of every month (July 11 is exception)
Meeting Place: UMC 404

So, next time Laura will be our moderator. She's going to choose readings and create reading questions after our next DATC meeting on Tuesday, April 11.

For those of you who had to miss out today, we talked about the reading and found the following points of note (attendees, feel free to add to these notes):

1. many of Lewis' tips apply to DATCs
* time management (budgeting)
* explaining too much
* importance of being supple w/r/t demands on time
2. new/junior faculty struggle to succeed
* Provost's faculty climate survey report — thanks, Daniel
* DATC new faculty orientation?
* contacting new faculty before they get here
3. collaborate to increase DATC program profile/status
* Bibliographers
* Graduate Teacher Program (GTP)
* Faculty Teaching Excellence Program (FTEP)
* Academic conference collaborations w/faculty
4. DATCs with faculty status???